Groupe Sélection has established three new strategic partnerships to make life better and healthier for seniors

24 May 2022

Laval, May 24, 2022 – Groupe Sélection is excited to announce that it is partnering with three Québec companies to enhance the health and well-being of the province’s seniors. With these initiatives, Groupe Sélection wants to continue developing and supporting the independence of seniors by focusing on health promotion and prevention, ultimately improving and prolonging seniors’ quality of life and helping them thrive.

Amika: personalized, ongoing support to promote independence

Groupe Sélection is partnering with Amika, a company that provides personalized home care and assistance. Groupe Sélection Retraite residents will be able to get help with all their daily activities, including dressing, meal preparation, housekeeping, hygiene, taking medication and shopping. With this special, one-of-a-kind in Québec partnership, Groupe Sélection is offering residents top-quality care, services that are consistent across all its complexes, training and the assured compliance with existing health regulations.

The first phase of the partnership will be carried out in the spring of 2022 in Sélection Retraite complexes in the Greater Montréal Area, and in Gatineau. Amika’s goal is to have a province-wide presence by the end of this year.

A shift towards kinesiology with Kinelite

Groupe Sélection is also happy to announce a special partnership agreement with Kinelite, which offers personalized kinesiology, kinesitherapy, massage therapy, sports therapy and nutritional therapy to encourage residents to get healthy and fit. Sélection Retraite residents will have access to seasoned experts who are committed to helping them be physically active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. They’ll be able to take group classes and get personalized private training programs to help them stay healthy and active.

Promotion of healthy eating with the Fonds Groupe Sélection – Alimentation pour un vieillissement en santé

To support healthy aging for Québec seniors, Groupe Sélection has partnered with the Université de Montréal’s Faculty of Medicine Department of Nutrition to create the Fonds Groupe Sélection – Alimentation pour un vieillissement en santé. Under this donation agreement, nutrition knowledge transfer activities, along with support to promote a varied and balanced diet, will be put in place in a pilot project with Sélection Retraite residents. Assisted by professionals, students will find learning opportunities and meet the needs of Québec seniors.


“All our decisions are driven by a commitment to innovation and the desire to help improve seniors’ quality of life—not just the residents of our complexes, but all Québec seniors. We’re thrilled to announce today these innovative partnerships that are in line with the latest health, nutrition and sports trends, and that showcase Québec expertise and know-how. These partnerships are a way to bolster our offer, make life better for our seniors and keep them healthy, which will significantly reduce the need for healthcare.”

– Réal Bouclin, Founding President and CEO, Groupe Sélection

“Amika’s mission to enable seniors to live comfortably at home as long as possible is in line with Groupe Sélection’s vision of designing, developing and operating high-quality living environments for Quebecers. It’s an honour for us to partner with this Quebec leader in multigenerational real estate development.”

– Alexandre Blais, Cofounder and General Manager, Amika

“The benefits of physical activity for physical and mental health are well documented. By focusing on personal excellence and innovation through customized services, Kinelite is built around human well-being, just like Groupe Sélection with its Sélection Retraite complexes. Here our teams are able to offer valuable advice, learn from today’s retirees and make a difference in their lives.”

– Marc-André Renaud, CEO, Kinelite

“Nutrition and a balanced lifestyle are an essential part of staying healthy. More than ever, retirees have a strong interest in nutrition. Knowledge sharing between our students and Sélection Retraite residents is already beginning to deliver results. We can see this in the design of popularization activities, advice on how to enhance the food options available to residents, and the increased value of nutrition professionals for the seniors. We want to thank Groupe Sélection for this commitment that should contribute to healthy aging.

– Marie Marquis, Director, Faculty of Medicine – Department of Nutrition, Université de Montréal

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