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Residential complexes developed by Groupe Sélection are aligned with the emergence of new dynamic and autonomous neighborhoods in some innovative North American and Scandinavian cities.

Our most recent communities encourage meetings between generations, through private spaces that respond to residents’ individuality, which are adjacent to multi-purpose public areas, developed by the community.

– Project Under Construction –

By highlighting this heritage, The Groupe Sélection–MONTONI–Fonds immobilier de solidarité FTQ Consortium aims to create a dynamic, innovative and diversified living environment while ensuring the sustainability of the existing Îlot des Voltigeurs built environment. It seeks to open the site to the surrounding areas and to create views towards the St. Lawrence River. The proposed concept preserves a cascading silhouette around the highest point, the iconic Molson Tower.

The Molson Coors Brewery provides an unprecedented opportunity to create a new living environment that integrates with the Faubourg district. Revitalization of this 6 million square foot development, the last undeveloped city center site that offers a broad window on the Saint Lawrence River will endow the city with an exemplary, visionary, quality development project, which is inspired by Montreal’s lifestyle and reflects the values of the community.

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– Project under construction –

Groupe Sélection present this new mixed residential project that will offer a various selection of appartments for rent and condos for sale.

Future residents will benefit from a large number of services, as the project is based in the heart of the Co-Cité district in Lévis.

Stay tuned, more information to come on this project.

– Project Under Construction –

Welcoming Groupe Sélection’s first project in Ontario, in partnership with SmartCentres.

These upcoming residential complexes will offer a senior residence and prestige condo appartments. Overlooking the Smart Center at the corner of Baseline Road and Clyde Avenue, it is more than 400 units on 15 floors that will be built. This project, which is scheduled to open in 2024, is not only located close to many services, it will offer shared common facilities, independent retail shops and three levels of parking.

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– Construction almost finished –

Espace Montmorency is a 1.3-million-square-foot multifunctional development offering a range of services in an urban environment. Aspiring to LEED Gold certification for the building envelope and LEED-ND for the development’s integration of smart technology, the project is not only on the cutting edge of urban design, but also respects the environment. Through the development’s impressive offering of offices, boutiques, cafés, restaurants, a hotel, residences, and welcoming green spaces, the surrounding community and visitors will benefit from this vibrant new space. A popular destination drawing students, workers, seniors, foodies, professionals, and the merely curious alike—in short, anyone who loves making new discoveries!

Discover our residential brands Yimby, Hoop and Waltz through our outstanding 717 apartments at Espace Montmorency!

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Construction finished, Project delivered –

Back in 2011, daring to think big, the Sélection Retraite team bought the 40,000 square metres of land where the old Norampac company used to be. Our long-term vision? To bring a breath of fresh air and modernity into this iconic neighbourhood of Montreal, where young professionals could grow with their families and retirees could reinvent their lives.

Once the six phases arecompleted, the property on offer at Rosemont Les Quartiers will be one of the most complete and diversified in the Montreal market.

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– Construction Finished, Project Delivered –

District Union is a forward-thinking residential concept where you can rent a customized space that suits your lifestyle. Live in a sought-after place where daily life is facilitated by modern layouts that have been thoughtfully designed. An inspiring space that lets us appreciate the present moment while taking us into the future.

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