Netiquette is the set of rules for acceptable online behaviours in electronic communicating over our network, especially during exchanges on social media or by email.

Netiquette applicable to the publication of content on platforms owned or controlled by Groupe sélection

Editorial policy on social media

Selection Group encourages and appreciates exchanges and discussions between members on its social media. In order to make the dialogue constructive, we strive to maintain a discussion environment that promotes freedom of expression.

In this perspective, we ask you to respect certain criteria. We reserve the right to remove any comments or links that do not respect these conditions:

  • Abusive, defamatory, racist, sexist, homophobic, inappropriate, threatening or damaging messages to an individual or a group of individuals;
  • Profanity;
  • Pornographic, vulgar, obscene or sexually explicit messages, including hyperlinks that may be shared;
  • Messages that violate privacy or that may affect a person’s privacy;
  • Abusive language or any other form of harassment, particularly towards Réseau Sélection’s employees or other users of our social media;
  • Incoherent / off topic messages and comments, and / or messages and comments that take the form of a private discussion between two or more users;
  • Commercial messages (spam) and advertising in any form;
  • Flood messages intended to clutter a site;
  • Messages denouncing the practices of a company or an organization by naming it.

The reproduction or redistribution of a copyrighted work and the theft of identity or the use of multiple identities are also strictly prohibited. Please also note that by sending us your content, you grant us the non-exclusive right to use it indefinitely, without paying royalties.

Remember that using capital letters is like shouting. Please use them sparingly. Be as courteous and respectful as if you were talking to someone face-to-face. We invite you to think carefully about your remarks and their consequences when publishing them.

If you violate this Netiquette, your content will be rejected, and your account may be suspended or blocked.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram

Our decision to follow a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram user does not mean we support it. We follow accounts that we deem relevant or related to our company. The fact that we are following a user’s or a company’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram account does not mean that we endorse their comments or activities. We will remove or block subscribers we deem inappropriate.

The Selection Group team also reserves the right to close its social media at any time and the right to modify its netiquette at any time without prior notice.

Finally, be aware that Selection Group reads all your comments with interest and welcomes you on its social media!

Protection of personal information and privacy

Groupe Sélection has designated a Privacy Protection Officer.  For any questions regarding your personal information or to communicate with our Privacy Protection Officer, contact



For any question or comment regarding Selection Group, its complexes and the services offered, contact an advisor at our head office.

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